Group Fitness

Here at Fitness 24/7 we offer a range of group fitness classes and activities to suit everyone.

Whether you want to tone up, improve your cardio or just fine tune your general fitness, here at Fitness 24/7 we have specially tailored programmes to suit all. Our highly trained and qualified staff pride themselves in delivering unique fitness programmes to challenge you and keep you on your toes.

Check out our timetable for a full range of world class Les Mills Classes or a Boot Camp or Transformation Program that we currently offer:
Girlz BootCamp


Fitness 24/7’s  BOOTCAMP has been designed to shape you up fast!

If you need to:

  • Lose body fat
  • Improve your strength and fitness
  • Learn new and effective exercises
  • Learn more about nutrition

Then this is the programme for you!

Six Week Fat Blasting Boot Camp:

The six-week fat blasting Boot Camp is our small group training programme. It is designed for those who are looking for that extra motivation, that extra push and that extra incentive to train with other like-minded people who are wanting to get in shape fast. Your weekly group training sessions are complemented with an Individualised Nutritional Guidelines culminating in a package that is guaranteed to give you fast results!

Morning Sessions:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 6.10am to 7.00am.

Bootcamps run throughout the year, and spaces are limited so bookings are essential. Call our reception now (09) 275 5003.

ReShape You Challenge

Customise your training with ReShape You!

TRAINING – You’ll be able to truly customise your training to reach your goals with weekly personal training sessions with one of our qualified personal trainers. In each session you have a unique programme designed to suit your goals.  And on Saturday mornings you’ll be joining with the rest of the ReShape You crew and Bootcampers for an energetic group training session that’s sure to get you motivated.

DAYS/TIMES – There’s flexibility for your personal training session as it will be scheduled for a time that suits you. And our Saturday group training sessions are at 6:00am, and we’ll be getting out in the fresh air as each week at various locations around Auckland. These outdoor sessions are always a favourite!

EXTRAS – Each week you also get a ‘Quick Pinch.’ This is a weekly weight and measurements checkpoint (usually $10), so you can track and celebrate your progress!

ReShape You Challenges run throughout the year, and spaces are limited so bookings are essential. Call our reception now (09) 275 5003.