Our Facility

Here at the Fitness 24/7 facility, we pride ourselves on the three ‘E’s’ we have to offer:

Equipment, Entertainment, Exercise!

Our facility has top-quality, German-designed, Don Oliver Strength equipment to guarantee a quality exercise with every visit. You’ll find multiple duplicate pieces of equipment available for use, so there’s no need to wait during peak times. With continual upgrades and changes happening within the gym the equipment is always state of the art.

The convenience of our gym being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, makes finding a time to exercise easy. Our high level of security, including monitored alarms, video surveillance, and security patrols, mean that you can enjoy a late-night exercise without fear or stress.

Our qualified personal trainers can help with your motivation, training, and nutrition needs. Each new member to the gym receives an initial training program and fitness test to determine the level of assistance you may require. For our Group Fitness Classes, we have a separate Spin Studio so ‘lack of space’ is never a valid excuse not to exercise.

We pride ourselves on our motivational, social atmosphere we’ve created within our two leveled facility. 

Click the video to check out the gym!